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Security Careers Overview

In an age where security is a constant concern, the demand for professionals skilled in security measures is always on the rise. Professional security officers need to be diligent, fast-acting, innovative, and have excellent problem-solving skills. Security positions will involve protecting property and the public from harm and illicit activity working in diverse environments such as  commercial businesses, condominium complexes, hotels, retail stores, government buildings, office buildings, airports, banks and other establishments. A security professional will be expected to liaise with law enforcement, patrol premises, prevent theft, vandalism and other crimes on client premises, write concise patrol and observation reports and monito camera and other surveillance equipment. At Sterling Security Solutions we are always looking to recruit experienced security officers , with requisite skills and an extensive security background, including those with a law enforcement or military background” Perhaps refer to those interested in submitting a CV to go to the contact us page


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