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Private/Corporate investigations

Our investigators have professionalism, integrity and tenacity which allows them to efficiently serve our clients investigative needs both locally and internationally. Whether you're an individual seeking the truth, a business requiring an investigation, or a legal team looking for assistance with locating a person or providing expert witness testimony, you can rely on Sterling Security Solutions Ltd. for all your private investigation needs. Our proven experience and investigative techniques insure that we find the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Background checks/due diligence

A complete, detailed background investigation, also known as a ‘Due Diligence Investigation’, is an in depth investigation that not only utilizes paid databases, but also includes a physical search of all records found throughout Cayman including Civil Registry, Shipping Registry, and any other relevant records. Every reasonable effort is made to insure that no information is missed. Depending on our clients need to know and threat level, this investigation may also include field interviews with former employers, business and personal associates.

A Due Diligence investigation is highly recommended before entering into any business relationship where substantial investments are at risk.

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